Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sewing Patterns that inspire embroidery and appliqué personal touches!

Several weeks ago at a quilt event I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Heynen of Jennifer Jangles (adorable sewing patterns.)

Bright sample fabrics, easy directions, and a modern feel to the projects makes Jennifer Jangles patterns perfect for those who love a quick fun project!

The  Daisy Pin Cushion is the first one I completed with a dash of embroidery.  Use built in embroidery machine lettering or create words with digitizing software to add meaningful "pin words" to make this pattern uniquely yours. Hand embroidery also works well!

By adding the sizes of machine needles, it removes the guess work out of knowing which needle size you used during the "last" project.  The "pin words" that come to mind are : 75/11, 80/12, 90/14, Hand, Universal, Sharp, Ball point... you get the idea.

Follow the  directions exactly as outlined in the pattern for the wedge cushion.

Sewing Tip for the pie wedge pattern pieces: If you have a machine with a 9mm plate, use a single stitch plate or place "Stitch in the Ditch" paper underneath the seams to make straight stitching the pie pieces easy. Stitch in the Ditch paper is easily removed afterwards. A very light tear away paper underneath will also work. 

Embroidery Tip: Hoop with sticky paper.  Use a pencil to mark the desired location of  the "pin words".

You can add other embellishments.  Be sure that pins can penetrate the fabric through appliqué, etc. Leave space to sew a button as directed.

Follow the steps in the instructions and pay attention to the petal markings that are included for the base of the cushion.

Jessica suggests poly-fill or sand  for inside the pin cushion.  The sample here uses sand in a smaller circle, filled half way.  A little poly-fill for any empty space. Great suggestion and the weight helps it stay in place.

There are lots of opportunities for embellishment whether you paint, free motion, hand stitch, it is a delightful basic pattern for limitless creativity.

Button button, whose got the button?

Button Selection: as we know it is all in the details.
After auditioning buttons,  the golden con-caved button was selected over the flat and con-caved red buttons.

The winning button!
Love this pattern and think you will , too.

Personal update: It's nice to be back in the studio stitching.  The website upgrade and traveling is
almost finished for the summer.

Happy Stitching! Cookie

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