Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cutting up perfectly fine fabric...#InsanitySewing!

Level of #InsanitySewing is now confirmed. Take great looking fabrics, cut and stitch them into nine patch blocks, cut again and repeat

Plan Ahead!

Try to save time by purchasing the needed fabrics in pre-cut  squares.

Ensure that the blocks are cut square and on the grain prior to purchase!  Sad moment... I didn't... always check for wonky blocks!

Go back to the store and buy the same fabrics on bolts to re-cut needed squares. Several of the pre-cuts were skewed beyond use.

Stitch 9 patch squares and makes lots of them because you want this quilt to be useful for the recipient, right?  Be sure to press seams in opposite directions throughout the stitching. There are lots of youtube videos on how to press seams should you need help.

#InsanitySewing continues...Cut the 9 patch squares up!
The squares are straight but the photos were taken at a distant angle.Optional: The big trick after cutting up each nine patch in the middle is to know which ones to reposition for more #InsanitySewing! Not a necessary step if you like total randomness.

My preference is semi randomness.  Turn the top left placing the white square to the left corner and the bottom right white corner to the far right corner.  As shown:

Sew the bottom row together and the top row together and each time you stitch remember to press.

#Insanity sewing continues as you stitch the top and bottom rows together!

The final result should be lots of random blocks that have the illusion of being very  pieced and time involved.

Want more how to info? On YouTube search disappearing 9 block to find several useful videos on this topic. All versions bring a variety of ideas for assembly.

Here's one  that made me smile with enthusiasm:
The disappearing 9 block.  ~Quilt in a Day.

For commentary on the wonky blocks and fabric see Facebook page and take a scroll!

This project stems from a charity ASG project meeting that was lead by Sandie Hendler and Mary McLaughlin. Consider joining the American Sewing Guild where the sewing community gathers near you. Charity Quilt in-progress with local ASG in pinks!

Thank you to my friends at Sew Incredibles, ASG neighborhood group.  You live on  the edge of "#insanity sewing" encouraging all those to explore all sewing techniques. Shout out to Sandie Hendler, Susan Eisen and Mary McLaughlin, you rock!

You have encouraged everyone to cut up perfectly good fabric and evolve into something new.

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