Sunday, August 23, 2015

#InsanitySewing by expert Mary Sue McGill Mosby

How many of you know someone who brings such experience and beauty into the world of quilting/sewing? 

Mary Sue McGill Mosby

The photos of her work are beautiful. "Sue", 92 years young, makes the insanity of cutting up beautiful fabrics into a display of eye catching quilts. Her daughter shows bragging pictures in yoga class quite often. Here you can see her #InsanitySewing for yourself.

Sue started learning how to sew and work with fabric creations as a little girl growing up in Lake Butler, Florida.  Her first attempts were with re-purposed string from wrapped store packages but she quickly moved on to embroidery, crochet, tatting, clothing construction and eventually quilting.  While she is aware of the new machines for making quilts, she has enjoyed a lifetime of stitching many of her projects by hand.  Now living in Canton, Mississippi, she is among several senior quilters who were recently honored by the Mississippi Quilt Association in an exhibit at the Mississippi Forestry and Agriculture Museum in Jackson Mississippi.  She is shown here with her Cathedral Windows quilt.

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