Saturday, November 14, 2015

What if you love to machine embroider and enjoy creativity but do not want to digitize?

Purchased Card - inspiration!
Creativity in machine embroidery does not require digitizing however, editing is a great skill that will expand your current inventory of designs. 

 Having software that will give you maximum editing power is a great solution. Purchasing well digitized designs is the second part of insured success. Editing features that rank at the top of the wish list: re-sizing, changing color, changing stitch order, splitting designs, mirror imaging vertically and horizontally, lettering, monograms, changing fill types, aligning capabilities are needs and worth every penny. 

Pay close attention to the lettering package of the program for variety of font styles, ability to move the letters within a word, circular lettering, changing one color or all colors within a word, altering size of the individual letters, changing the shape of the word as a whole, are micro sizes included? Lettering is the most used feature so pick a software that offers beautiful fonts which targets women, men and children from casual to business. Having a built in monogramming tool built in is icing on the cake and will be invaluable. And monogram built in embellishments is the cherry on top.
Luxury editing features corner repeat (4 way mirroring) with options, design repeat, circular designing, scattered designing, color wheel aka color play, a smart color sort, removing overlaps, hole sewing, auto applique.

Total up the features you want and compare the pricing of the editing software packages versus full digitizing packages. Does it include free updates? A dongle (security device)? Can you keep it on your desk top and lap top? There are some brands of software that offer free upgrades and do not have physical security devices instead they are activated be registering the serial number. There are many choices available and before eliminating any software, look at all the tools that is included, the support offered, cost of future upgrades and the current needs and where you might want to go in the future.

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