Sunday, January 17, 2016

How we influence others with our hobbies...

My husband's remote control airplane project needed upholstery!

The chair on the left shows the raw edge with batting revealed. I have to smile as I made the channel fabric and it was my husband who made the seats for the cockpit. He purchased all the fabrics and knew exactly what he wanted me to stitch. Seeing the piping on the bench showed just how much he has paid attention to my hobby over the years! Okay, he used glue instead of thread but the technique looked great!

His wood working abilities influenced my cornice board/window treatments over the years so it is nice see how techniques can go from one hobby to another.  Does your family have crafting hobbies that are touched by your sewing and embroidery skills? The plane he is building is amazing.  I have little interest in RC planes but I am fascinated in how the scaled reproductions are built and the artistry involved.

This is a little off topic but I am so impressed that he knew the fabrics needed, the finished look he wanted and the right terms.  My mission to impress upon him the value of my SEWING machines is complete!

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