Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Staying on track to pursuing your dreams...

When it comes to pursuing a dream what holds you back? Do you keep a list of steps to work towards it and things you need to change?

Every time I pack my suitcase for the airport, I find these brown eyes staring up at me.  It slows the packing process down by my need to bribe this sweet red headed poodle with play, treats and conversation.

This picture captures the story of how much a perceived negative "statement" can effect ones organization, creativity thought process and a need to justify.  In this "suitcase" I experience the need to make my little one happy and enthusiastic about packing. I am inwardly seeking her approval.  I laugh and tell her that without work she would never have received that knee replacement! I am rationalizing work to my poodle! FYI, her expression doesn't change.

I no longer justify my need for creativity with family and friends. Having friends and family members who are creative thinking with positive attitudes, supporting one another has proven to be the key in my own world. Trying out new ideas, meeting others who love sewing machines and sewing software keeps me creative. It adds self confidence in other areas. 

If you experience a slow down in creativity or a desire to try something new with no time available take a closer look at the "things" that deter you. Take the steps to discover how many obstacles you can remove.  

Of course, our pets are non negotiable to most of us - thankfully so. Looking into those sweet eyes keeps us caring and in touch with unconditional love.  She may just be saying with her eyes, "I will miss you and be here when you return. Come back soon!"

It's our past experiences that make us apply human thoughts to our pets. Looking at the thoughts we give our pets tells us much about ourselves.

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