Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Do your skills and talents line up with your daily choices?

A new stage in my life: working for another company, outside of CookiesCreations.com that I have come to love. It didn't happen overnight. I was using many of their products for years thanks to Marc Briley at Ashby Sewing in Kennesaw, GA.

 For the last several months, I have been focused on creating new projects and samples while learning new techniques for my position at RNK Distributing I can only smile when I tell you that I love the products and my new talented friends. And in truth, I knew many of them from the beginning days of machine embroidery. For those on my Facebook Fan Page, you have been making this journey with me while my blog has been put on hold. Now after 4 intense months of stitching in-between events, I am happy to be back online here.  Oh yes, it means I had to let a few other "jobs" go. That's part of the learning process of life, right?

Floriani Americana Applique
It is amazing how all the lifetime skills you have learned through experience will pull together all at once and then you realize how all the "growing pains" have served you well.

Remember when parents said, "that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger".  While death was never a threat, there have been things in life that felt over whelming.  On the other side of those moments, you can see clearly how those same things provided a strengthening of character and perseverance.  Those type of challenges provide us with time management skills like the ability to say no, or to prioritize items in the order of importance or heaven forbid "impact". Oh, and let's not forget learning to have a poker face at the worst times of your life.  It's a skill through lessons learned.

RNK Thread Nest Tool
Tips from recent last few months learned through RNK:

  • Flying is fun, 
  • You can do Facebook posts and planning strategically up in the air! 
  • Embroidery and sewing or any skill must be a passion for you not to burn out while creating samples for work.  
  • If I read the product and stabilizer directions and follow them, I will have beautiful embroidery. If I don't do it correctly, I will have many samples of what not to do for my machine embroidery attendees. 
  •  Same holds true for following the recipe directions for dinner and avoid getting overly creative at the last minute.
  • Midnight sewing is not an occasion but rather a way of life when you don't say NO enough times. 

I expect to be getting my doctorate in "kNOw" within the close of 2016 - that is the art of saying no without any chance of a yes.

Things I have come to love in my last year with RNK: besides my Hot Fix and Thread Nest tools which I use weekly:

  • I now love quilting, paper piecing and hexagons, who knew?
  • Back of my Hexi's is so cool!
    Great companies attract nice peopled who strive to provide exceptional service. RNK yes!
  • If you disagree with something, share your thoughts with those who can initiate change.
  • Different eyes looking at a project can be the best gift for ideas ever.
  • Knoxville accents are adorable, and can be contagious!
  • You can love not only what you do for a living but also the people you interact with.
  • A critique is a good thing; it means someone cares enough to take time out for you to help improve skills.
  • Never stitch a thing without Floriani Chrome needles, I put them in my Babylock, Bernina and Brother machines. No more frustration with skipped stitches, broken threads, and shattering needles. Safe at last!.Not a sales pitch, it's a fact I embrace.
  • List things in alphabetical order to avoid favoritism as everyone has a favorite brand of machine!
  • Keep a log of projects and post them for inspiration with frequency.  
Anything that I have learned, is something all of us deal with in one way, or another. It's the realization of how all the puzzle pieces of your skills and talents fit together that makes a good opportunity a great choice. 

How do your skills and talents line up with what you do on a daily basis? Heading to Ohio this week, can't wait!


Unknown said...

So proud to be your friend! Couldn't agree more with your amazing comments. I will always consider RNK part of my family. You are one of the most talented women I've had the pleasure of knowing. I'm so thrilled that you are now sharing that with people all over our beautiful country.
Beautiful article!

Pam Villers said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Having know Cookie for a number of years I have found her hard-working, talented in some many ways, a great teacher, and inspiring! When learning something new that may be difficult she has such a " yes, you can do it attitude"! So glad to see that all the years she has worked in doing what she loves, she is seeing such wonderful "pay-offs" in working with a wonderful company such as RNK. My turn to be a cheer-leader for Cookie....Go Cookie!