Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Brain clutter It is not always the stuff in the room that is a good toss out!

I remember years ago feeling sorry for friends who could not multitask. When my kids were little, I would write notes in my gray notebook that I carried for ten years.  Every day I would have a schedule written out crossing items off throughout the day.  I would drive my kids all over town for different activities after school. I do not mean just 10 minutes away; I am talking about an hour away so they would have the best coach, the best tutor, and filling vacancies with the doctor and dental appointments.   While they were in school, I was busy running PTA committees, serving on the tennis board, running a book club, and booking restaurants for the “Lunch Bunch.”  The list was endless, and because I appeared to be so organized to others, I was regularly approached to do one more thing.  My house was neat, the crock pot was my best friend and my friends marveled, except for one. I multi tasked so well that the one person whom I did not focus on was myself.

I look back at the friends who did not multitask and realize they were happier keeping life simpler.
I learned to embrace a simple statement,  “I would love to but I cannot.”  If I need to decline an opportunity “thank you so much for thinking of me, I am booked” and offer an alternative.

I recommend this now to all sewing students who get embroidery machines and software.
Committing to projects you are not ready for can ruin a great hobby.  Just say, no! Keep it simple. Don’t run the story of what others will think. Live in the moment.  That is something I work at every day. I invite you to join me in this quest.

The less you have in a room, the easier it is to focus on the task at hand. Start a new project in a clean, organized area; you will finish the project faster.

The same rule applies photography. First, de-clutter the background If you want to draw focus on a particular item or person.   What is the back drop? Does it add or subtract from the content you want to emphasize?
People who play television/music in the background may feel more relaxed, but they work at a slower pace.

The brain can focus on only one item at a time.  Forget what the efficiency experts tell you. Stay mindful at the moment.

Moreover, if you lose concentration and your mind is not in the same location as your feet watch out!

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