Sunday, August 27, 2017

Measure twice cut once...

if only we applied this to our lives!

The skills of learning a hobby teach us valuable life lessons.

Starting any type of project ask yourself whether you have the skills needed or do you need to take a class or two first?

Do you have the needed tools to create the project or do you need to do research before purchasing needed equipment?

Possession of the necessary knowledge with the added skills of positioning, proper hoop skills, and testing before stitching on the “end” product will save dollars, frustration and time.

Setting up a work-space for efficiency is an additional smart move. When a work room is laid out with specific purposes to accommodate steps along the way, any job finishes faster with better results.

Designing a realistic budget for the planned project is essential. The shorter the deadline, the less chance you will have for sale pricing. If you can plan, then more time is available to shop the project taking advantage of specials, and seasonal pricing promotions.

The incredible attraction to machine embroidery is with a push of the button a beautiful design will stitch on a selected project with great results. But before that can happen one must know how to pick the right stabilizers, needle, and thread
Supplies and equipment needed take space and planning the room arrangement and lighting in advance will serve you well.

All the above applies to building, cooking, photography, home repairs,  quilting, sewing and daily living! Whether measuring or taking on a new project weigh out the possibilities twice before moving forward ;)

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